Feel good, 6-point checklist

As an addition to your Loaf and Bread at the start of a session, why not try this new 6 point checklist.

It includes all the essential well-being issues, as well as your learning objectives for the day.

The acronym for the checklist is U R Lovely Friendly Helpful People – URLFHP

Here is what it stands for…
UUseful tips – the outgoing team should share useful tips from the day
R Rest – are the outgoing staff safe to drive home? They may need to rest first or get a cab
Lovely- Learning objectives – this is when you do your LOAF and BREAD
Friendly- Food – plan your breaks with the team, it will make it more likely that they will happen
Helpful – Help – have a clear escalation plan; who to call and how
People- PPE – make sure you have your PPE to hand. Looking for it in an emergency adds to stress

Try it at the start of your shift! Let me know how you get on via the Contact page

Here is a powerpoint presentation that includes the checklist above – feel free to use it!

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